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Studies in Sorcery

Studies in Sorcery

Studies in Sorcery is an engine building and drafting game in which players are trying to complete projects in Alchemy, Reanimation, and more to finally complete their thesis statement and graduate from the Academy of the Dark Arts.

Each field of study at the Academy of Dark Arts is different and requires different skills.
Alchemy takes time but can grant you abilities instantly.

reanimation requires just the right ingredients if you want to really impress the professors and can help you build future projects even faster.

Sorcery on the other hand takes work, but can grant you new abilities depending on the phase of
the moon.
On their turn, players can choose to scavenge for ingredients or to go get more projects to work on.
At the end of each round, players can commit their ingredients to projects and hopefully finish a project so they can reap the rewards of a job well done.
The game ends after four semesters have passed and players present their projects for review

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    • Contracts
    • Hand Management
    • Open Drafting
    • Push Your Luck


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    Chris Glein

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